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Good Books About Fishing for the Young Angler of all Ages

By Connor

For the VERY young reader:

H is for Hook– A Fishing Alphabet

A Fishing Surprise

Wishing I was Fishing

For the young reader:

Bur Bur’s Fishing Adventure: Learn fun things about fishing and what to bring

How to Catch a Fish

Lets go Fishing!

For the Older Reader:

How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life

My life was this Big and Other True Fishing Stories

Caught Me a Big ‘Un

Kids Gone Fishin’

Kids Incredible Fishing Stories




Freezing Weather, Good Fishing

By Connor

I went to a fishing match at Barth Pond one day. We were told the match was at 5:30. We got there at about that time but only one guy was there. He said he wasn’t from the Midwest Anglers Club so he wasn’t the guy we were looking for so we decided just to fish.

As we were coming home we saw two guys unpacking a load of things and they were from the Midwest Anglers Club. There was John, Art, and some other guy. We were told that they would be selling a 1000 maggots for something dollars. But, unfortunately they weren’t. Then we had to go find a bait shop but we couldn’t. Read more »



Great Fishing

By Connor

I was fishing at my secret pond.  For bait we were using night crawlers.

We got there and we were setting up our gear and my dad was seeing big fish. I made my first cast and a second passed and I had a bluegill. We started seeing carp jump. We were hoping we would catch one. I made a cast and something was playing with. It finally took and I set the hook. It was fighting harder than most of the bluegills. I thought it was just a big bluegill. We got it in and it was a bass around 10 inches. That was the second bass I caught from there. Read more »